Anna Tran Nguyen

Anna is a recent MSc graduate supervised by Dr. Charles Francis and Dr. Lenore Fahrig at Carleton University. She is interested in the use of autonomous, non-invasive tools to study migratory songbird populations at stopover sites during migration season and the influence of various landscape factors on these populations’ numbers. Birds are particularly vulnerable during migration and she believes that the study of tools and landscapes is important for their conservation. She lives for solo travels coupled with field work.

2020 17th OCIB Symposium Co-Chairs

William Jarvis

William is an evolutionary ecologist currently working on his PhD with Dr. Howard Rundle at the University of Ottawa. He is broadly interested in the ways that genetic constraints can influence evolutionary trajectories and how genetic covariances themselves can change during evolution. He is currently working with natural populations of the mushroom feeding fly Drosophila subquinaria that have evolved different pheromone patterns and mating preferences, and will be using a quantitative genetic approach to assess the effect of genetic constraints on their evolution.

Emily Yu

Emily is a PhD. candidate in Dr. Ekker’s lab in the University of Ottawa. Her research focuses on the role of dlx genes during development of the face and brain, using zebrafish as a model. She has also received an MSc from the University of Toronto and worked as a lab tech creating models of human disease in zebrafish using CRISPR-Cas9. Her scientific interests include understanding developmental programmes during brain development for use in translational medicine approaches.