Jordanna Bergman

Jordanna joined Carleton University as a PhD Candidate to investigate management aspects of fish species, specifically in the Rideau Canal Waterway. She is investigating fish connectivity and interactions with lock infrastructure and operations, as it is unclear if, when, and to what extent fish movement occurs at the site of individual locks. Understanding fish ecology and movement from a behavioural standpoint will support her goal of developing selective fish passage barriers to enable movement of desirable species (gamefish) while simultaneously restricting movement of invasive species.

Andréanne Bouchard

Andréanne is a M.Sc. student in Biology at the University of Ottawa where she is working on the systematics of the diatom genus Navicula sensu stricto. Her project is part of a collaboration with the Canadian Museum of Nature’s Research and Collections Department. She is interested in the use of molecular data and geometrics-morphometric to resolve cryptic and pseudo-cryptic species complexes.

Hannah E. Davis

Hannah recently joined the MacMillan Lab at Carleton University as a PhD student after completing her MSc in Biology at the Freie Universität Berlin, where she worked on social immunity in the termite Reticulitermes flavipes. She is interested in renal adaptation and acclimation to cold stress in insects, using Drosophila melanogaster as a model in the first phase of her research. Her other interests include protozoa, viruses, and anything with six or more legs.

Mary Ann Perron

Mary Ann is a senior PhD candidate in Dr. Pick’s Lab at the University of Ottawa. Her research focuses on the drivers of biodiversity in urban ponds. She specializes in wetland ecosystems and is a certified wetland evaluator and wetland ecologist. Her interests include the natural history and taxonomy of species, especially dragonflies and damselflies, and how species respond to urban stresses.