Nashira Grigg

Nashira is completing her PhD candidacy in Dr. Kyle K. Biggar’s lab at Carleton University. Her research broadly investigates the application of computational approaches to predict protein biochemistry, with special interest in lysine methylation. Her current project involves the construction of a machine learning algorithm to predict the activity of lysine methyltransferase SET8 from a high-throughput dataset.

Emil Isaksson

Emil is a third year PhD student at uOttawa, co-supervised by Roslyn Dakin at Carleton. Emil’s general scientific interest is in animal cognition and how it drives behavior. In his PhD he is studying environmental and individual influences on social learning using wild populations of songbirds.

Alibek Kruglikov

Alibek is currently working on his PhD with Dr. Xuhua Xia at the University of Ottawa. He studies protein structures and is especially interested in folding dependence on cellular environment factors. He also works on developing Machine Learning approaches in computational protein design.

Erin van Zyl

Erin (she/her) is a PhD candidate in Dr. McKay’s lab at Carleton University. Her research aims to determine the cellular consequences to splicing inhibition. Her work involves treating human cancer cells with small molecule inhibitors of spliceosome formation to determine how these cells respond to this type of stress. In general, Erin is interested in the cellular stress responses associated with errors in RNA processing. Outside of the lab she enjoys playing piano, soccer, horseback riding and reading.