Invited Speakers

Plenary Speakers

Dr. Carly Ziter

Assistant Professor of Biology at Concordia University

Dr. Carly Ziter is an assistant professor of biology at Concordia University, where she leads the Ziter Urban Landscape Ecology lab, and is a core faculty member of Concordia’s interdisciplinary cluster for Next Generation Cities. Carly grew up in southern Ontario, in a house surrounded by fields (usually corn, sometimes soy) punctuated by small woodlots. In her mind, this mix of housing, farmland, and forest wasn’t an “ecosystem”; it was just where she walked the dog. Now, she realizes that these human-dominated landscapes are hard at work providing a multitude of ecosystem services we rely on, and she’s fascinated by how we can understand and manage these areas better. When she’s not busy researching the intersection of landscape structure, biodiversity, and ecosystem services with her students, Carly can be found enjoying the great outdoors, knitting, or at the pottery studio.

Dr. Rowan Barrett

Canada Research Chair of Biodiversity Science at McGill University

Dr. Rowan Barrett is the Canada Research Chair of Biodiversity Science at McGill University. He completed his M.Sc. at McGill in 2005, conducting experimental evolution with microbes. He completed his Ph.D. at the University of British Columbia in 2010, where he studied the genetics of adaptation in threespine stickleback. He then moved to Harvard University as a Howard Alper postdoctoral fellow, where he investigated ecological genomics using deer mice. Since 2013 Rowan has been a professor in the Redpath Museum and Department of Biology at McGill. He is broadly interested in the reciprocal interactions between ecological and evolutionary processes, and the mechanisms by which these forces impact genomic variation in natural populations.

Pub Talk

Dr. Jenny Bruin

Assistant Professor of biology at Carleton University

2019_Bruin headshot.jpg

Dr. Jenny Bruin is an Assistant Professor at Carleton University in the Department of Biology and Institute of Biochemistry, since September 2016. Her lab studies the pathogenesis of diabetes with a focus on islet biology, pancreas development, and toxicology. From 2010 to 2016, Dr. Bruin was a postdoctoral fellow in Dr Tim Kieffer’s laboratory at the University of British Columbia, where she studied the development of human embryonic stem cells into pancreatic insulin-producing beta cells as a potential cell therapy for patients with diabetes. Dr Bruin obtained her BSc in Biomedical Toxicology at the University of Guelph in 2005 and her PhD in Medical Sciences with Dr. Alison Holloway at McMaster University in 2009.