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Date of Symposium: June 10, 2021
Location: Zoom and this website
Cost: FREE, thanks to our generous sponsors!

If you intend to give a talk or a poster presentation, we ask you to submit your title and abstract (< 600 characters) when you fill out the registration form.

  • Show off your work with a poster or talk
  • Connect with grad students and profs at both of Ottawa’s universities
  • Boost your CV

More information

For this year’s virtual symposium, undergraduate students, graduate students, post-docs, and faculty are all welcome to register for talks, posters and 3MTs.


Each speaker will have a 12-minute time slot: 10 minutes for the talk + 2 minutes for questions. The format of the presentation is the speaker’s choice (e.g., PPT slides, PDF, etc.).

On the day of the mini-symposium, please be in the meeting room 5-10 min before your scheduled presentation. Please be ready to share your screen for your talk (if applicable). 


Please send us your poster (as PDF) 3 days in advance (before June 7th) so judges can prepare. Let us know if you would like assistance with formatting/sizing.

On the day of the mini-symposium, you will be put in a breakout room, and different judges will visit you back to back. You may choose to share your poster on screen at that time also. To optimize the poster for screen sharing, you may choose to break the poster up into multiple Powerpoint slides.


The 3-Minute Thesis is exactly what it sounds like: You present your thesis in 3 minutes in front of an audience. You get just one static slide and a full 180 seconds to convince us that your research matters.


Volunteers will judge the best talk, best poster, and best 3MT, and the winners will each receive a small prize.